Starting business in the foreign country can involve a series of  challenges. We are committed to help you eliminate those challenges by addressing the following areas: cross-cultural challenges such as language barriers, local etiquettes and traditions, religious issues, local laws, financial risks, politics, ethics, litigation, infrastructure gaps, etc.

We also advise our clients about government incentives across a rang of business industries.

We use our local expertise in business strategies to guide you on how to get the right local partners, or how to get ahead as standing alone foreign company.

For companies expanding or setting up in foreign countries, we apply our business strategies expertise to help your local business associates and staff understand your ways of doing business. These will help eliminate misunderstandings and promote a platform where both foreign and locals can work together in harmony.

Our UK team of well established experts apply the same strategies to help foreign business investors expanding or starting a business in the UK. This encourages their rapid integration into UK business systems.


Doing business in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world, requires a nuanced and well informed approach.

Africa remains ripe with many opportunities. As a result, Angola Business 4 U now have local expert partners and associates in several countries across different continents, to whom we make global introductions.

Strategic relationships are important as they shape your business opportunities where ever you venture. That is why we focus on making the right business connections and introductions predominantly between the UK and Angola as well as the rest of the world.

Our introductions include; local government business agencies or private companies in your industry. Having the right local partner and their expert knowledge, eliminates challenges such as business risks, cultural differences, which save you time and money.