Foreign countries doing business in the UK

We help to identify business opportunities and investments that are right for you

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We do researches for our local and foreign clients, including helping to identify business opportunities and investments in the UK.


For foreign companies expanding or setting up in the UK market, we facilitate with Company House business registration, introduction to prospective local partners, associates, accountants,  local law firms, tax experts,  properties commercial and residential, language solutions, business memberships and associations, Banking systems, accountants, marketing experts, startup networks, recruitment agencies, know your competitors, etc..
Through the years we have helped Chinese, Russian, Middle Eastern and African investors find commercial and residential property investment opportunities.


We have also provided guidance to foreign companies setting up in the UK across different sectors.


Our job is to find solutions to your challenges and respond to your needs with our expertise in the UK and Global markets.


Our objective is to influence success for our clients by creating connection synergies for growth and development.
Our business partners and associates are located in:


UK, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Poland and France


Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Morocco and Zambia.


USA, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela


China and Singapore.