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Who we are

We are a London based Business Strategies Consultancy firm with Angola Business partners. We initially started connecting businesses across Africa and Europe (predominantly UK and Angola). Our local partners are very well established government agencies and private businesses.


We aim to create business synergies

Angola is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and is a market with undeniable opportunities across a range of sectors. The UK is recognised as the centre of the business world, which, offers significant investment opportunities and partnerships.


Proven track record

Angola Business 4 U (AB4U) was incorporated in 2011. Its mission statement is to present the western business world to the fast growing emerging market business opportunities in Angola and the rest of subsaharan of Africa. We have over 25 successful years experience and expertise, consulting with Western companies aspiring to do business in Africa.


Regional expertise

Our Founder Rita is an Angolan born business professional with excellent social and local expertise. While currently based in the UK, she is exceedingly well travelled and well versed in global etiquette. She has a background in broad range of industries; Oil and Gas, Financial Sector, Diplomatic body, Law, International Business Consultancy and many more. Qualified with a BA degree (Hons) in HRM, trained as a Business Management and Inspirational Coach and author.


Expertise in connecting businesses

Since starting a consultancy, Rita and her team have introduced many western businesses to Africa, Angola and many other parts of the world.